Johannes Theiner

Fullstack Developer

focusing on TypeScript, Kotlin and Go


Computer Science in Logo HS Emden/Leer Emden

Open Source Maintainer

My Projects

RSS Reader for Obsidian
October 2021 - today

Read RSS Feeds from within Obsidian

  • Support for audio & video feeds
  • Create new notes from articles
  • Creation of automatically filtered folders
  • Extraction of Highlights
  • Integrated with other plugins(for text to speech)

Created during Obsidian logo Obsidian October 2021

Obsidian RSS Demo

IServ EspT Demo

Appointments for parent-teacher meetings in IServ
May - October 2021

Project as a part of the Logo DigiHelfer DigiHelfer project

  • Creation of timeslots'
  • Creation of teacher groups
  • Booking of timeslots
  • Invitation of students in special timeslots
  • automatic creation of room & participants lists

PHP JavaScript Postgres

Symfony VueJS

Sourcecode & Documentation

Tag,Word & Link Cloud for Obsidian
February 2022

Shows most used

  • tags, words and links
  • in the entire vault or file
  • or from a query
Tag, Word & Link Cloud Demo

Obsidian Link Favicons Demo

Link Favicons for Obsidian
December 2021

Shows the favicon for a external link

  • Retrieves website favicon by default
  • allows overwriting with own icon
  • Automatic adjustment of icon colors to aid readability

PlantUML for Obsidian
March 2021

create your PlantUML diagrams in obsidian

  • Either with a remote server
  • or with a .jar file
Obsidian PlantUML Demo

Calibre Importer for Obsidian
April 2022 - today

Import metadata & highlights into your vault

Read your eBook directly in Obsidian

Link Favicons
December 2021

Addon for Firefox und Chromium which shows the favicon of a linked website.

Key Promoter for Obsidian October 2021

Learn keyboard shortcuts by showing them when using the mouse

October 2019 - January 2020

Created as a group project

Multiple different client programms communicate via shared memory to create a graphical user interface

Recipe Parser

Parsing of cooking recipes from different web sources.



2015 - 2017

univento Logo

A old, never published Minecraft server project

Java PaperMC Waterfall

MySQL MongoDB Redis


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  • Markdown
  • Go
  • JSON
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Less
  • LESS

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  • WebStorm
  • PyCharm
  • Obsidian
  • GoLand
  • IntelliJ
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